I am often asked for my opinion on "what is beautiful?" My idea of beauty is ever evolving, but in recent years it has held more meaning. Of course anyone can say, "beauty comes from within," but I feel its more important to know..."How?"  Especially since the Beauty industry is worth over a billion dollars,  that means something has got to be happening on the outside! 

I believe that the outside is part of it for sure. Its an important part too! Its more like a reflection though, of whats going on or should be going on within. 

In my journey, I have found that beauty is freedom. Beauty is peace. Beauty is self awareness and self discovery.  Beauty is Life. Beauty is thanksgiving and Beauty is love.  Beauty is whatever makes you smile and what warms your heart in the morning. Beauty is something that is personal. I LOVE beauty and I am so blessed to have a job where I am required to see the beauty in each individual and bring it out in my chair. 

If you would've rather learned where I went to school and my employment history, Book Me and we can chat about it while I play in your hair! 

xx, Shaylin